WeCityĀ is a meeting point for all entities adhered to the eCitySevilla project, which aims to reward their loyalty and commitment to the great challenges that this initiative has ahead until 2025.

All project partners, by the mere fact of being partners, automatically become part of WeCity, being able to benefit from all the activities that will be carried out in the framework of this space shared with the rest of the partners and promoting entities.


eCity+ initiative

The first of the activities that we are launching within the framework of WeCity is eCity+. This is a badge program through which eCitySevilla aims to encourage the entities adhered to the project to implement actions that are aligned with the objectives and strategies of the project, within the lines of work already marked by the various working groups: Buildings, Sustainable Mobility, Energy and Digitization.

The adhered entities will obtain public and social recognition through the awarding of a badge, which will vary according to the degree of linkage with the project, based on the number and importance of the actions implemented by each entity.

As each entity implements actions, depending on the number of points that each one of them represents, the level of the badge logo will be increased, with the following four levels:

For more details, you can consult here the bases of this initiative, where you will find, among other aspects, a list of actions and the points that each one of them would entail.