The winning proposal of the secure bike parking challenge, Hm2, developed by Mimoto Parking and WiseBuild, is taking shape. The project will be a multi-service hub that will include, on the one hand, a secure parking space for bicycles and private electric scooters, with lockers to store protective equipment; but it will also include logistics lockers and a left-luggage office.

The initiative will eventually be located in a square on the corner of Albert Einstein Street and Leonardo da Vinci. As it is a large space, this allows the proposal to provide a capacity for 50 bicycles and 10 private scooters, half of them with electric charging sockets; these figures will be expandable depending on demand. There will also be lockers for users to store their protective equipment (helmets, waistcoats) next to each of the spaces. Alongside these lockers, there will also be logistics lockers for sending or collecting parcels and other lockers for tourists’ luggage for the period after they leave their accommodation and until they return home.

This multi-service hub, which will be ready at the beginning of 2022 (around February), will also provide a space for pedestrians to enjoy, with a place to sit and rest. The proposal includes the creation of this hub with sustainable materials that have a special clickable patent, are easy to assemble, modular and do not interfere with existing infrastructures. The aim is to replicate this same model in other parts of the city, adapting it to the needs of the space in which it is located.