The company SAMU, a leading organisation in emergency medical services and one of the organisations involved in the eCitySevilla project, has incorporated an electric vehicle into its fleet of vehicles under the name ‘Triple Zero’. This is a rapid intervention vehicle, which is powered by solar panels and therefore has zero emissions. The vehicle’s design allows for immediacy in getting to an emergency situation in order to save lives, while at the same time helping to reduce environmental impact.

The model in question is a Renault Twizy 80, which has been chosen because of its small size, a quality that gives it agile and quick manoeuvrability, allowing access to more restricted areas. It can even be used at sporting events, without hindering the athletes. This car has two useful seats that can transport a doctor and a nurse or a medical emergency technician (EMT) and a nurse, depending on the profile required for each situation.

The vehicle has a range of 80km and a maximum speed of 100km/h, and is equipped with a multi-purpose case, immobilisation collar, portable oxygen bottle and AED.

The vehicle’s recharging point is installed at the SAMU School, where a self-consumption system without storage has been created, which also serves to supply part of the facilities themselves. This allows for a much faster amortisation of the system, as the hours of greatest energy demand coincide with the hours of sunlight for devices such as printers, projectors, computers or air conditioners.

This is an initiative with which the company has participated in the eCity+ awards programme, which recognises those actions implemented by eCitySevilla member organisations that contribute to achieving the project’s global objectives.