Seville City Council has presented the new municipal electric bicycle rental service at the PCT Cartuja. A pilot project that responds to the commitment to sustainable and electric mobility in the city and which has its main exponent in the Park, through the eCitySevilla project. A total of 2,000 of these bicycles will be distributed throughout the city and more than 300 parking points have already been set up on public roads.

The event was attended by the Mayor of Seville, Antonio Muñoz; the Delegate for Ecological Transition and Sports, David Guevara; the Director of the Cartuja Science and Technology Park, Luis Pérez; Alfonso Vargas, a member of the #eCitySevilla Mobility working group; and representatives of the companies Lime and Ridemovi, who were awarded the pilot project following a public call for tenders.

During the presentation, the presence of this new system in the PCT Cartuja, “an area defined in the Sustainable Urban Mobility Plan as the city’s first low-emission area”, was highlighted. For his part, the director of PCT Cartuja expressed his pride in being able to offer the Park as an urban laboratory for all those projects that will later be replicated in other areas of the city.

The vehicles are equipped with an auxiliary electric motor, whose power progressively decreases and finally stops if a predetermined speed is exceeded or if the cyclist stops pedalling. They are equipped with front and rear lights. They incorporate a safe braking system and have a bell, and each bicycle has a clearly visible identification number. To start using them, users must download an App on their Smartphone, thanks to which they can find a nearby vehicle, reserve it, unlock it and use it for the desired time. When they finish their journey in the mandatory parking areas, they lock the vehicle with a smart padlock that is locked thanks to the app without the need to anchor it to a fixed element.