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eCitySevilla is a pioneering public-private partnership initiative in Spain led by the Regional Government of Andalusia (through the Department of Economic Transformation, Industry, Knowledge and University and the Andalusian Energy Agency, attached to the Departments of Presidency, Public Administration and the Interior, and Finance and European Financing); the City Council of Seville, the Cartuja Science and Technology Park (PCT Cartuja) and Endesa. Dozens of organisations have already joined this initiative, including companies, institutions, universities and research centres.

The project proposes the development of an open, digital, carbon-neutral and sustainable city model on the island of La Cartuja in 2025, twenty-five years in advance of the energy and climate objectives established for 2050. With eCitySevilla, we are showing the way for sustainable cities of the future. In the field of energy, the goal is to ensure that the PCT Cartuja has a 100% renewable electricity supply, generated right on the island of La Cartuja and with more efficient constructions.

In addition, from the point of view of mobility, sustainable models will be encouraged, with more space for pedestrians and cyclists and the use electric vehicles will be boosted thanks to a new network of charging infrastructure. All this is backed up by a determined commitment to digitisation, with a connected and self-sufficient system, through an intelligent electrical network (Smart Grid) that will also allow an open data platform for the intelligent management of the park.

It is a pioneering Smart city project on an international scale to ensure that an urban area as extensive as the actual Cartuja Island, which constitutes a veritable city of 200 hectares just by itself, where 523 companies and organisations exist side-by-side and about 23,000 people work, can be 100% self-sufficient in energy and emission free. Before launching this initiative, a thorough check was made of the energy consumption levels in the park, as well as the photovoltaic generation and storage infrastructures, and the intelligent networks needed to provide it with 100% sustainable coverage. The improvements that can be done in the PCT Cartuja buildings to achieve lower energy consumption, which will make them more efficient, have also been analysed. From the point of view of mobility, the privileged position of the island of La Cartuja has been taken into account. It is just a few minutes from the centre of Seville but it enjoys a certain independence that allows it to develop a completely emission-free model, with more pedestrian and cyclable spaces and more means of electrical transport. Finally, and in line with the innovative nature of the organisations that comprise the Science and Technology Park, the project has planned an open digital platform, which deploys digital models for the transfer and distributed management of resources and services.

If you are based or have an economic activity in the Cartuja Science and Technology Park and you think you can contribute to the development of eCitySevilla, contact us.

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