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Welcome to the eCitySevilla website, a pioneering public-private partnership project to transform the Cartuja Science and Technology Park (PCT Cartuja) into a carbon-neutral, sustainable and innovative island, on the horizon of 2025, that is, 25 years ahead of the United Nations Energy and Climate Goals.

The aim is to write the future of cities from here in Seville, and become an international reference and replicable example for other urban environments. Greener, more sustainable cities, with more pedestrian spaces and non-polluting means of transport, such as cycling, but also electric vehicles and shuttles. ECitySevilla will also be a driving force for the Seville and Andalusian economy, as well as an example to be copied by other cities in Spain and abroad.

The digitisation and innovation that are part of the eCitySevilla project are also two aspects that will determine the future of the economy, in which the public-private partnership that we engage in here has to play an important part. A project like this one will be a rallying point to multiply the capacity of the PCT Cartuja to attract investment, both domestic and foreign, and to create wealth and employment around sectors of the future.

It is also about making the buildings of the Seville Cartuja Science and Technology Park energy-efficient to reduce their electricity consumption. The PCT Cartuja will be self-sufficient, and will use 100% renewable energy produced within the island’s own enclosure, mostly of photovoltaic origin thanks to almost 2,000 hours of sunshine a year. This will result in a zero emissions balance.

All this will be done with an intelligent power grid that will enable new shared uses of energy, capable of integrating local renewable and distributed energy generation, and implementing the new business models associated with such a new energy model. A project such as eCitySevilla demonstrates that public-private partnership is the key to solving today’s environmental challenges and achieving more sustainable urban environments in the future.

Please take a look at this video where eCitySevilla partners summarise the objectives and philosophy of the project: