From 1 July, Seville will have an ordered and regulated system for renting electric scooters through the pilot project promoted by the City Council, which will be developed for 18 months by the companies Reby Rides-Maratunes Gestion and Voi Techhology, selected after a process of free competition. The presentation of this project took place at the parking and recharging point for this type of vehicle installed by Solum in the PCT Cartuja, also a pilot initiative that has an efficient system using solar energy.

The station is located on the corner of Marie Curie Street and Avenida de los Descubrimientos, on a plot with 7.6 m2 of walkable photovoltaic pavement with a storage system and capacity for 12 recharging places for Personal Mobility Vehicles. This innovative and pioneering solution, developed entirely in the city of Seville, is part of the eCitySevilla project. This experience will soon be transferred to other areas of the city.