We publish the first eCity+ ranking! A total of 20 adhered entities are already listed in this table after registering their actions and adding the corresponding points in this badge programme launched by the eCitySevilla project. The aim is to recognise all those actions that the different companies that have already joined the project implement related to the objectives set by the different working groups: buildings, sustainable mobility, energy and digitalisation.

Among these 20 companies, 43 actions have already been registered, for a total of 4755 points. The most repeated actions are the signing of the PPA contract for the photovoltaic plant or equivalent, the installation of charging points for electric vehicles, the change of luminaires to more efficient models and the participation in pilot projects launched by eCitySevilla.

4 of these 20 companies have already reached level 3 of the label; 7 are at level 2, 6 at level 1 and the remaining three have not yet reached the 75 points required to reach the first level of the battery. The cut-off point for the second level is 200 points, the third level is 400 points and the fourth and highest level is obtained after 1,000 points.

All entities adhered to eCitySevilla can participate in the programme. Check the rules and communicate all the actions you implement to secretaria@ecitysevilla.com. We will modify the ranking as more companies send us their initiatives. Together we will achieve the overall goal of making PCT Cartuja a decarbonised, sustainable and 100% renewable environment by 2025.

First ranking of the eCity+ programme