The Provincial Association of Installation Companies of Seville (Epyme) has incorporated a photovoltaic solar self-consumption installation at its new headquarters in the PCT Cartuja, with which it will produce 30% of the electricity demand required by its building, consuming almost all of the renewable energy produced by this installation. Specifically, it consists of 28 energy-efficient monocrystalline silicon panels with a total power of 12.6 kWp. Each panel is equipped with power optimisers to ensure maximum performance by avoiding possible shadows cast on them, allowing them to set the operating point and monitor them independently.

The panels have been arranged coplanar on two roofs of the building that maintain the same orientation and inclination, the most recommended solution for the installation of photovoltaic panels on existing buildings because they minimise the wind loads on them, and are individually connected to a nominal 10 kW inverter.

This renewable installation will allow an economic saving of almost 2,000 euros per year on the association’s electricity bill with respect to the original consumption, without taking into account the compensation for grid discharge that corresponds to it by taking advantage of the simplified compensation mechanism as established in RD244/2019. In addition, by generating its own energy, Epyme will avoid saving the same amount of pollutant emissions into the atmosphere as if 220 trees were planted each year.

Epyme is a member of the eCitySevilla project and with this action it has participated in the eCity+ badge programme, appearing for the moment in the ranking of entities and being placed in level 2 of the badge. Epyme is also a member of the Andalusian Self-consumption Board, led by the Andalusian Energy Agency.