This distinction granted by APTE has taken into account the pioneering character of this initiative and its contribution to European energy and climate objectives

Seville, 9th October 2020.- eCitySevilla, the public private partnership initiative to turn the island of La Cartuja into a 100% sustainable and decarbonised enclave in 2025, 25 years ahead of the energy and climate targets set by the UN for 2050,  has been recognised by the Association of Science and Technology Parks of Spain (APTE) as one of the best practices developed in 2020 in these innovative venues. This project, which is led by the Regional Government of Andalusia (through the Department of Economic Transformation, Industry, Knowledge and Universities and the Andalusian Energy Agency, attached to the Ministries of the Presidency, Public Administration and Interior and Finance and European Finance); the City Council of Seville, The Cartuja Science and Technology Park (PCT Cartuja) and Endesa, has been praised, among other criteria, for its pioneering activity within the framework of science and technology parks, for its use of ICT tools as part of its developments and for its contribution to the objectives of the Europe 2020 European policy.

As regards its innovative character, the nomination, which was presented by PCT Cartuja on behalf of eCitySevilla, emphasises that this project will turn the park into an urban laboratory in terms of sustainability and energy efficiency at a European level, which will make it the most transformational project at PCT Cartuja since it was founded.

Its alignment with the European sustainability goals and, more specifically, the 2030 Framework and its high participation potential (since practically all of the 523 organisations head quartered at PCT Cartuja – plus a further considerable number of companies that are not domiciled there, do in fact carry out their business there) , were other aspects that were defended in the nomination.

Another feature that is highlighted in the recognition of eCitySevilla is its replicable nature, as it is a pilot project but it can be used as a model for other territories. In addition, companies can use this initiative to try out products and services to validate them, with the advice of industry experts, from both public and private organisations, and with access to data and information that is not available in smaller projects.

The application of the Agile methodology in managing the project and the development and implementation of ICT tools that allowed eCitySevilla to keep working even during the state of emergency decreed because of COVID-19, was another characteristics taken into account in the nomination.

Almost five hundred organisations have signed up

This first recognition of eCitySevilla happened when the project had close to five hundred organisations signed up. The first companies and institutions to join were Aalto consultants, the Association of Industrial Research and Cooperation of Andalusia (AICIA), the Business and Financial Business Club of Andalusia (CEFNA / Chamber of Commerce); the conservation organisation of PCT Cartuja; Eulen, Isotrol, Mercanza, Telefónica, Wellness Telecom, Inerco, Caixabank, Anda Gesión Global, Power Electronics Spain, The Cartuja Business Circle, the Higher Technical School of Engineers of the University of Seville, Ayesa, Ingelectus, Puerto Triana, the Official Association of Telecommunications Engineers of Western Andalusia and Ceuta, Solum Photovoltaic Innovation, Solutia Innovaworld Technologies, the Andalusian Environment and Water Agency, The Technological Corporation of Andalusia, the EOI Foundation, the GFI Information Technology Group, Orange Spain, Cibernos, Zityfy Mobility, Alter Technology, CEP Seville and Schneider Electric. The following organisations have also joined the ones mentioned above: the Public Asset Management Company (Epgasa), Insur Patrimonial, Urbantech Titania, Everis, World Trade Center, Macpuarsa-MP Ascensores, Eman Ingeniería, Best TIC, the Faculty of Communication of the University of Seville, Samu, the I.T. consultancy Acofi, the Confederation of Business Owners of Andalusia (CEA), the Andalusian Institute of Historical Heritage (IAPH) and the Higher Council of Scientific Research (CSIC), representing CIC-Cartuja.

The presence of the Joint Research Centre (JRC) of the European Commission Joint Research Centre is also very noteworthy. The JRC, whose only offices in Spain are in Seville, is the Commission organisation responsible for providing scientific and technical advice to the European Union and its member states, and it plays a key role in research and innovation.

All of these organisations have headquarters or economic activity in PCT Cartuja, which is a requirement for joining the project, and they have been able to join in the activity of the four working groups that are implementing the project. They have been working non-stop for the last few months with remote meetings, even during the state of emergency because of COVID-19. The working groups deal with each of the pillars of the project: energy (led by Endesa), to ensure that in 2025 La Cartuja produces and consumes energy that is 100% renewable and based on distributed energy resources; sustainable mobility (led by the Seville City Council), to move toward pedestrian models and the promotion of decarbonised or shared vehicles; buildings (led by the Andalusian Energy Agency), to audit and improve the energy efficiency of the PCT Cartuja buildings, and digitisation (led by the Ministry of Economy), with the objective of designing and implementing an open digital platform for managing PCT Cartuja resources and services. A fifth working group, on communication and participation, has recently been set up and it will be responsible, under coordination by PCT Cartuja, for publicising the project.

How to join the eCitySevilla project

Companies interested in joining the eCitySevilla project can request an application form, which must be returned completed and signed by e-mail (at The requirements for joining are: to be head quartered or carry out business in PCT Cartuja and take part in one or more of the working groups that make up the project.

About eCitySevilla

The eCitySevilla project, a public-private partnership initiative led by the Regional Government of Andalusia, the Seville City Council, the Cartuja Science and Technology Park (PCT Cartuja) and Endesa, proposes the development of an open, digital, decarbonised and sustainable ecosystem city model on the island of La Cartuja by 2025, bringing the energy and climate targets set for 2050 forward by twenty-five years.

Five working groups will develop the strategies to be followed in each of the project’s pillars (energy, sustainable mobility, buildings, digitisation and communication and participation). Once these lines of work have been developed, in 2025, the island of La Cartuja will enjoy a 100% renewable energy supply, will have efficient buildings, will deploy recharging points to encourage use of sustainable electric mobility, and all this will work with a connected and autonomous system that will be connected to a fully digitalised Smart Grid, which will also enable an open data platform for intelligent park management.

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