The portal gathers together all the main action points of the project in detail, as well as news and events which are of interest for keeping track of its development

The eCitySevilla initiative opens 2021 with the launch of its website, shortly after celebrating its first anniversary. This gives the project its own space that brings together all the details of its development with the aim of providing first-hand information on its progress and updates, in order to highlight all the work being done to light the way for sustainable cities in the future.

The portal is based on a lightweight, quality design, that is adapted to all devices (mainly smart phones and tablets) to gives easy access to information, which offers users a high level of usability and interactivity and combines formal and audio-visual content.

Available in Spanish, the website is organised to offer quick and agile search engine to users who want to find information about the project. They will then get access to data about the main lines of action of the project, the partners promoting it and the working groups it is composed of, as well as a space for current news, events and the monthly newsletter that is sent to all subscribers. There is also a section aimed at the management of those companies that join the initiative.

To date a total of fifty organisations have joined eCitySevilla, and have shown their interest in being part of one of the five working groups that are working hard to advance toward the stated objective of making the Cartuja Science and Technology Park (PCT Cartuja) a 100% decarbonised environment with a zero-emission balance on the horizon of 2025. The European Commission Research Centre in Seville (Joint Research Centre) has also joined this objective.