As part of the goal of converting PCT Cartuja into an international sustainability benchmark and an energy transition model, digitisation is positioned as a key force for disruption. In this sense, eCitySevilla is inviting the best technology providers to take part in order to generate an open digital platform ecosystem that will allow information to be captured, shared and later analysed with advanced information and communication technologies (ICTs) for the intelligent management of cities.

All this will mean managing the PCT Cartuja through a connected and autonomous system, with information shared from the Energy, Mobility and Buildings programmes, which will operate thanks to a fully digitised intelligent electrical network (Smart Grid) and will provide a competitive advantage for participants in this public-private partnership (affiliated organisations, public administrations, employees and citizens). In the short term, this platform will integrate services such as public lighting, applications for daily travel needs or the management of certain information services that make life easier for citizens. In the long term, it may cover areas such as operational processes, logistics, air quality and even connected vehicles for traffic management.

To look for suppliers, eCitySevilla has launched an RFI (Request For Information), to get to know the best technological solutions in the market that will ensure that the digital infrastructure goals are reached, such as: simplifying development of applications, reducing maintenance costs; embracing market standards and making developments more reusable, extendible, and scalable; and enabling integrated analysis of application performance and security for more efficient management of all resources. The initiative also has the support of the University of Seville, coordinated through the lecturers of the Higher Polytechnic School and of the Higher Technical School of Computer Engineering, led by the lecturer Dr. Carlos León de Mora, and the Telefónica Chair.

They are all working together with many professionals from our partner companies to design this digital infrastructure, and to do this a total of six working groups have been established focusing on various aspects of this infrastructure, such as: its architecture, standards, cyber security, Smart Grid, mobility and buildings. They are also work continuously on whatever implementations and improvements can be done.

These technological solution improvements in the market will complement and expand the eCitySevilla digital platform core, based on the PCT Cartuja’s FIWARE ZONE infrastructure, which is a project of the Andalusian Government in collaboration with Telefonica. FIWARE is a European project that aims to promote an open platform integrating development standards for applications and services in “smart city,” “industry 4.0,” and “Internet of Things” environments.

Click here to download the RFI.