The eCitySevilla project was one of the initiatives highlighted during the conference “Sustainable, multimodal and safe mobility for all”, organised by Connected Mobility Hub (member entity) on 20 September at the PCT Cartuja. The event counted with the intervention of several startups that debated, through different colloquiums, on the options of micro-mobility, the experiences of the different forms of MaaS, or some examples of integration in multimodal platforms.

eCitySevilla had a prominent place as an emblem of an innovative and sustainable project in this conference. Representing the project were César Gallardo, coordinator of the Mobility working group, and Alfonso Vargas, director of the project’s Technical Office. In their speeches, both explained to the attendees the overall objectives pursued by the initiative and the lines of action being followed to achieve a 100% renewable, sustainable and decarbonised environment in the PCT Cartuja in 2025.