ECitySevilla is an intelligent community that aims to increase the efficiency of traditional services and networks, by using advanced digital technologies for the benefit of the people and companies that carry out their activities in the PCT Cartuja.

The use of advanced technologies in the digital economy enables us to make better use of resources and reduce emissions, be mindful of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDG’s), make public administrations more responsive to the needs of the population, and promote sustainable development based on the transition towards a circular economy.

It is vitally important to provide eCitySevilla with tools to enhance its ability to collect and analyse data and use it to improve decision-making processes. Intelligent governance should encourage citizens, businesses and administrations to participate, so that they can actively contribute to the design of a Science and Technology Park on the island of La Cartuja that is an international reference.

The digital platform that we are developing in the working group led by the Department of Economic Transformation, Industry, Knowledge and Universities, acts as a hub for all the information about the services and infrastructures of the Park: energy, buildings and transport.

It should be noted that the European Commission has highlighted that Europe has an enormous opportunity to develop digital platforms of this kind online to coordinate new models of smart and sustainable cities.

This digital infrastructure of eCitySevilla is based on key elements such as open data, Fiware and standardisation by technological layers. All of this should constitute a model that allows information to be captured, exchanged and subsequently analysed with advanced technologies.

In the short term, the platform will integrate services such as public lighting, new mobility models or the management of certain information services for the public. In the long term, services may cover areas such as operational processes, logistics, air quality, connected vehicles for traffic management and even social information for risk and pandemic management.

The intelligent platform that eCitySevilla is developing should provide a complete and up-to-date repository of open data from community information. The data catalogue shall be common, universal, managed, accessible, classified and standardised, to allow cross-sectional analytical views. At the same time, it should facilitate the deployment of open interfaces for developing intelligent applications, while ensuring the security and integrity of sensitive information. In this respect, we have already made progress in eCitySevilla, with the establishment of a Cybersecurity Commission made up of the most prestigious professionals in this technological field.

Our platform is based on the developments of Fiware, an initiative funded by the European Union under the 7th Framework Programme. It is open and aims to create an open-source ecosystem to take advantage of the opportunities that will arise with the digitisation of society, making it possible to integrate this platform with the one that will be developed for the whole of the city of Seville.

In parallel, a report is being prepared on all the communication technologies and networks that are already available in La Cartuja. This report will also include an analysis of the networks planned for deployment in the coming years.