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The Communication and Participation Working Group has the responsibility for ensuring that progress in eCitySevilla is properly reported, in order to achieve proper media awareness of this pioneering project at a global level; and to coordinate proper use of the brand by all the organisations that subscribe to the project, so that its public image is unified and consistent in all the media in which it appears.

The leaders of the four working groups responsible for the development of eCitySevilla (the Department of Economic Transformation, Industry, Enterprise and University; the Andalusian Energy Agency, attached to the Departments of the Presidency, Public Administration and Home Affairs and European Finance and Revenue Departments, The City Council of Seville and Endesa) report on their progress within this group, which coordinates the Science and Technology Park (PCT Cartuja) and which aims to ensure proper and periodic reporting of the progress of the project through various external communication initiatives.

This has given rise to an open and durable relationship with the media, which has made eCitySevilla a reference point for energy transition of cities, 25 years in advance of the role and the challenges that urban environments will have to take on in order to tackle decarbonising of the economy.

The Communication and Participation Group also manages the digital communication channels that have been created to publicise the project, as well as generating their content:

  • The PCT Cartuja is promoting its own website in collaboration with the heads of the working groups, to give eCitySevilla its own space on Internet, where information about the project, its successive achievements and the associated news reports can all be found.
  • A monthly newsletter, eNews, which brings together news related to eCitySevilla, as well as information on upcoming and past events or announcement of grants, awards or sponsorship of initiatives related to the objectives of the project, to name a few.
  • Social media content through the hashtag #eCitySevilla, which is used by project partners and affiliated entities to publicise information about this initiative through their own profiles.

Internally, guidelines on how to publicise the project have been generated and made available to the organisations that subscribe to the project. And the sub-brand of “eCitySevilla partner organisation” has been created for those companies and institutions that want to use it in their internal and external channels.

The contact email for the communication and participation working group is: