This February the eCitySevilla project launched the Cartuja 2021 Lighting Campaign in order to advance the overall goals of the project, to light the way for the sustainable cities of the future . Specifically, this initiative is part of the buildings working group, whose aim is to improve by at least 35%, the energy efficiency of the existing buildings in the PCT Cartuja and its surrounding area, which has about 90 buildings with an approximate age of 30 years.

The campaign aims to contribute to the reduction of the energy consumption of companies that are located within the PCT Cartuja, whether or not they are part of the eCitySevilla project. What is it? After a search of the organisations connected to the project environment, two companies from within eCitySevilla have offered to carry out a customised study, propose a budget (without commitment) and change the illuminations or processes, at a price significantly lower than the market price. The details of these two companies are:

In short, it is about looking for and renewing lighting solutions that are adapted to the technical and financial needs of each company, providing the greatest savings by installing universal technologies, through expert advice from staff and the guarantee of companies with extensive experience in the sector and in the Park. The campaign will run from 1st February to the coming 30th April 2021.