The buildings working group is led by the Andalusian Energy Agency, a body that is attached to the Departments of the Presidency, Public and Internal Administration and the Ministry of Finance and European Finance. Its main objective is to improve by at least 35%, the energy efficiency of the existing buildings in PCT Cartuja and its surrounding area, which has about 90 buildings, 50 of which were inherited from Expo92, with an approximate age of 30 years.  To that end, the Agency is collecting information on the energy classification of the different centres (age and use of the building, type of facilities, staff levels, how they are being used, whether or not they have charging points for electric vehicles, etc.).

The energy saving, efficiency and diversification measures that could be taken in the buildings of La Cartuja are: renewable energy consumption, storage, insulation of façades with innovative materials, improvement of glazed recesses, replacement of air conditioning equipment with more efficient units, improvement of lighting systems, to name a few.

This working group is also working towards the deployment of 2MWp self-consumption photovoltaic installations. The location of the island, with almost 2,000 hours of sunshine a year and a demand that coincides with the hours of maximum sunlight, makes it an ideal area for developing photovoltaic energy production.

In addition, a pilot project will be run at the current headquarters of the Andalusian Energy Agency, to which other buildings on the island of La Cartuja could be added, to convert it into a building of almost zero consumption according to the Technical Building Code.

The main tasks of the buildings group are to do an inventory that shows the general condition of the energy infrastructure of the buildings, and to encourage doing energy audits, and to develop initiatives in the buildings and organisations at the Park, while promoting energy efficiency and improvement projects, self-consumption, demand response, adapting infrastructure, etc.

  • In the beginning these steps will incorporate elements to allow implementation of intelligent management models that will make it easier to integrate energy efficiency into the actual activity of the companies, even as part of their lines of business, thereby optimising their interaction with the ecosystem of eCitySevilla.
  • The Agency, as a specialised body, will provide individual technical advice to the different organisations involved in the project so that they can carry out energy improvement initiatives in their buildings.
  • In this regard, it has developed an energy inventory and audit model to be used by companies so they can do situation diagnoses of their buildings and facilities. In addition, it will coordinate all audits carried out and provide technical supervision. It has also provided the organisations with a tool for monitoring such audits so that all possible measures to be carried out can be analysed, reviewed and checked, including all aspects and parameters introduced in the scope of the audit.

Main actions

Brochure – Energy Efficiency Tips

The Building working group has produced a brochure of Energy Efficiency Tips, an initiative led by the Andalusian Energy Agency that aims to highlight the importance of implementing actions that lead to improved energy efficiency in the buildings currently located in the PCT Cartuja.

The document includes some guidelines that can be carried out in companies around the main areas of energy consumption (lighting, heating and cooling, insulation and solar protection, transport and mobility, lifts and solar energy), and thus contribute to the achievement of the overall objective of eCitySevilla to reduce the current consumption of the Park’s buildings by at least 35%. Download it here.