The renewable energy consumption of the companies in the PCT Cartuja now accounts for 50% of the total energy consumed. These are figures for 2020, obtained from a study carried out by the #eCitySevilla project through the analysis of the supply contracts of the different entities located in the Park.

Specifically, this initiative is based on the Energy and Building working groups, the former led by Endesa and the latter by the Andalusian Energy Agency, which have carried out a detailed analysis of the codes identifying the supply point (CUPS – Universal Supply Point Code) associated with the sources contracted by the companies in the PCT Cartuja. Thus, of a total of 95,949,792 kWh consumed in 2020, 50%, 48,047,513 kWh, comes from 100% renewable sources, which avoid CO2 emissions into the atmosphere.

In this way, the Energy and Building working groups continue to make progress in their objective of achieving 100% renewable energy consumption in the Park, through the energy refurbishment of the 50 buildings with the highest consumption in the park to reduce current consumption by 35% and to be able to supply the final demand through renewable energy sources, through contracts with a guarantee of origin, self-consumption or local solar plants.

The data of the study are verified with the National Commission for Markets and Competition (CNMC), which accredits that this 100% renewable energy has been purchased to cover the megawatt hours consumed by all the entities that have chosen this option in their contracts.

It should be remembered that the main objective of the eCitySevilla project is to achieve a decarbonised, sustainable and 100% renewable environment in the PCT Cartuja by 2025. To this end, various actions have been launched in recent months, in which the organisations involved in the initiative play a fundamental role. Examples of this are the lighting campaign for companies in the Park, the eCity+ awards programme, which recognises those entities that implement actions that contribute to achieving the global objectives of the project, or the creation of a register of energy service providers to offer energy audits or the implementation of savings measures to interested companies in the PCT Cartuja.

The sum of adhering companies and their participation in this project is essential to turn PCT Cartuja into the first European urban environment at the forefront of innovation in renewable energy, sustainable transport, efficient building, open data and digital infrastructure and to offer an international projection to its technological capacity and human talent.